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Clafiya In The Community
Learn more about how we’re making this mission possible, one community at a time.
Mattis Brass Exhibition
It was an engaging time at the Mattis Brass exhibition where we provided medical tests for the business owners present. It was a hustling and bustling environment were buying several...
Lagos Health Summit 2022
The Lagos Health Summit 3.0 was designed to host discussions with key public and private stakeholders on “LEVERAGING PARTNERSHIPS IN IMPROVING HEALTH OUTCOMES”.
Clafiya In The News
Everything the press says about us. This is our Newsroom.
Clafiya Gives Access To Affordable Healthcare In Rural Zones
In some parts of the African continent, it is still hard to access healthcare either because of the lack of healthcare personnel or distance to health centers.
Meet Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa 2022 Startups
We are pleased to announce that we are among the selected 60 startups for the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.
Clafiya & Other African Startups Selected For Norrsken Impact Accelerator
The Norrsken Impact Accelerator is a prominent early-stage accelerator. The accelerator is one of the programmes of the Norrsken Foundation.
Clafiya Health Tips
Periodic dose of health tips and facts that will help you navigate your lifestyle better, written partly by members of our admin and partly curated from reliable sources
STOP JUICING! Leave the liquids, eat your fruits
It’s been raining heavily, mosquitoes are everywhere, and a lot of us are spraying repellants around the house. This is potentially harmful. Why?
How To Detect Malaria Symptoms Early
We believe that patients are best served in environments where they’re more comfortable, and by trusted practitioners...
Do You Know You Could Be Guilty Of Mindless Eating?
As research has shown, mindless eating has many harmful health consequences. It mainly includes obesity, cardiovascular illnesses and high cholesterol levels
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